I have been a professional photographer for more than 14 years and am totally dedicated to sharing, teaching and helping you in your photographic journey. The Quiet Landscapes retreats and 121 bookings take you to some amazing, quiet and peaceful places along the way.
These are places where you can take time out from the life you lead, to see, hear and feel nature all around, having the space to understand how that translates into your own landscape work. 


I believe in the power of quiet, nature, silence and stillness in the face of a world that applauds those who shout loudest, are the most willing to step forwards regardless of talent, increasing communication, connectivity and overwhelming noisy places.

And the reason I step forward is that because of the very nature of people who embrace quietness, not many speak out or share thoughts in a public environment.. Therefore the stigma is rarely broken, the realisation that quiet is good / positive / strong is rarely spoken about and those who are quiet and do love quiet spaces continue to feel odd and out of place and inadequate.

I live in Drumnadrochit, on the edge of Loch Ness in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland with my two sons. I just bought my own little cottage on one of the oldest and cutest streets in the village. I spend as much time as possible with my boys exploring the amazing Highlands of Scotland.

There’s a link below to see more of my work including art prints.