Caithness sunrise

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I woke yesterday morning in my van at the side of the road somewhere between Latheron and Dunbeath in Caithness.

I had been photographing a wedding the day before in Wick and after a late finish I ended up pulling in for the night rather than drive tired. It had been a long day! It was dark so I had no idea what was to the left of me - I just knew that it was a nice wide layby - the sort where there's enough space so cars aren't driving past too closely and making the van shake each time. You will know what I mean if you ever slept in a van... It was a quick cup of hot chocolate and straight to sleep for me.

I always feel you can find something to be grateful for in any situation - it is the cornerstone of happiness. My gratefulness this morning was delivered in the form of the most incredible sunrise as I looked out to a vast expanse of sea that I happened to have parked next to. I stood outside watching as the sky changed from moment to moment, the land lit up in incredible soft hues as the intensity of the sunrise flooded where I stood with bright oranges and pinks.

Here are some of the images I took whilst enjoying this beautiful time.  Enjoy!

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